TransCity is a Netherlands based marketing agency specialized in inclusive marketing and communications, with a focus on multicultural marketing. TransCity’s clients are advertisers, including global brands and their agencies, national and local governments, the arts sector and  civil societies. Our services include research and strategy,  business and campaign development, creative and content development, campaign execution and management, media consultancy, media buying, and training on unconscious bias and linguistic bias, all related to our super-diverse societies. To download an agency overview in English click hereAdditionally, TransCity has a database of over 250 bicultural actors and models, available for TV and online commercials, corporate videos, movies, music videos, and photography. Call us for more info: + 31 6 536 806 75.

“People are looking for a message that they belong. That they’re part of something. That they are seen and heard and that despite or perhaps because of the uniqueness of their experience, they are valued. They want to feel represented. Representation is not an added extra, it’s not a frill. It’s absolutely fundamental to what people expect from culture and from politics.”  (Riz Ahmed) 

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